Leveraging technology for success

Offering solutions to our clients through the use of leading design software, GPS machine controls, and advanced drone technology. These tools help us to complete work both efficiently and accurately.

Why Morgan

Harnessing the power of GPS technology

The advantages and benefits that come with using Global Positioning System (GPS) Machine Control on your project are numerous and far-reaching, providing a higher level of accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

  1. Utilizing specialized equipment to its full potential

    Trimble Earthworks, and Trimble GCS900-grade controlled graders, excavators, and dozers.

  2. Mapping in real time

    Near real-time mapping that allows designs to be loaded through seamless two-way communication.

  3. Precision and accuracy

    Ability to efficiently and accurately place materials to design grades with centimeter-level precision.

Industry Leading Tools

Specialized Drones

Our Advanced Canadian Drone Pilot License allows us to fly in controlled airspace under the SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) by Transport Canada. Equipped with high-resolution imaging and 4K video capabilities, we provide controlled airspace flights for ground elevation mapping, end-to-end inspection, and more with our Matrice M300 RTK, Matrice M210 RTK, and Inspire 2 drones.

Industry Leading Tools

Thermal Scanning

Our field surveyors use drones for thermal imaging and scanning of existing plant facilities, such as structures, towers, and pipelines. Equipped with a Lidar scanner and thermal camera, our drones, in combination with laser scanner data from the ground crew, create detailed point cloud and 3D images for accurate as-built data.

By the numbers

We don’t just say, we do

Our investment in industry-leading technology is a testament to our commitment towards future growth and project success. We put our equipment to use - and we can prove it.
Advanced certified drone pilots
Hours of flight time
Full RTK Base and Rover setups
4k drone videos and images captured

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