Services Offered

Total project support; from start to finish

From roads, highways, and industrial power projects to landfill and fluid containment builds - we can meet the demands of your large-scale heavy civil earthworks needs.

Quality estimating and budgeting

Committed to developing project estimates, assessing constructibility of the project, and providing value based options to our client.

Design-build project management 

In-house capability to handle the design and execution of complex projects, helping to streamline the entire process from start to finish.

Early civil earthworks

Our technical civil scopes include a wide range of services, such as site preparation, foundations, roads, and infrastructure upgrades.

Facility site grading

Ability to complete large-scale civil earthworks projects with an equipment fleet that can perform in challenging conditions and climates.

Dyke construction

Experience in constructing water management facilities and dyke structures in accordance with the technical specifications and tight tolerance.

Highway and access road construction

Construction experience building transportation networks that include secondary and primary highway road grades, as well as access roads.

Landfill, pond and fluid containment construction

Experienced in the construction of large ponds and lagoons with complex geotextile and dewatering systems.

Bridge and culvert installation

Site preparation, foundations, structural design, construction, and ongoing maintenance of large span bridges and large diameter culverts.

Survey management

Self performance of survey for construction layout and quantity calculations using total stations, laser scanners, and GPS equipment.

GPS grade-controlled equipment 

A fleet of GPS grade-controlled graders, dozers and excavators equipped with the latest technology for precision material placement.
A distant photo of an orange excavator unloading dirt into an orange dump truck.

Industry Leading Technology

The right tools for project success

We use Trimble Business Center and AutoCAD Civil 3D to calculate volumes, develop machine models, create designs and compile and analyze all of our machine and field survey data.

Project Experience

Experience and capability

Our experienced estimating and project management team collaborates with our clients during the estimating and constructibility stage to identify project execution efficiencies.

Why Morgan

Exceptional project delivery from start to finish

Morgan is committed to providing exceptional quality and service. Our team strives for excellence in all aspects of project execution, from planning and design to construction and delivery.

  1. Prime contractor experience

    Taking responsibility for the safety of all workers on the project, ensuring our obligations as the Prime Contractor are managed.

  2. Advanced Canadian drone pilot license

    Advanced Canadian Drone Pilot License issued by Transport Canada which enables us to safely and legally fly drones within controlled airspace.

  3. Diverse haul truck fleet

    Our expansive equipment fleet ranges from 40T to 200T trucks that are selected based on ground conditions and project quantities.

  4. Machinery for high-volume projects

    Production loading excavators, such as the Cat 6015 model, are utilized for production-driven or large quantity projects.

  5. Reliable equipment and technology

    GPS grade control technology on our dozers, excavators, and graders, to efficiently and accurately place materials with pinpoint precision.

Our Process

The Lean Lens

Our goal is to provide value to our clients. At Morgan, we manage our projects with a Lean lens. We seek to provide value to the customer at every step of the process while minimizing waste. Through a constant cycle of planning, doing, checking and adjusting (PDCA), we enable transparent communication and ensure project quality.

  1. 1

    Opportunities to identify value

    Through examination of heavy civil construction processes, such as project planning, material management, and equipment utilization, we identify opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

  2. 2

    Eliminating the eight forms of waste

    Overproduction, waiting, defects, over-processing, excess inventory, unnecessary motion, unused talent, and transportation. By understanding these forms of waste, we can work to eliminate them and refine our approach.

  3. 3

    Process flow

    We analyze the flow of materials and information through each stage of the construction process, from planning to delivery, identifying areas of inefficiency and trimming.

  4. 4

    Establishing pull

    Work is only initiated when there is demand from the next stage in the process. By following this principle, we avoid overproduction and minimize the creation of waste.

  5. 5

    Continuous improvement

    Through ongoing analysis and development, we evaluate our processes and constantly look for ways to improve efficiency, quality, and safety in the heavy civil construction industry.


Leading the way in heavy civil construction

Our proven track record of success in heavy civil construction is what separates Morgan from the rest of the industry. Take a look at some of our recent milestone projects.

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Heavy Civil Construction

Calgary 24th Street Pond and Ogden Landfill Remediation

In preparation for the City of Calgary Green Line LRT expansion, Morgan was contracted to facilitate the reclamation and reconstruction of the old Ogden Landfill site. The project consisted of lowering the water table by installing a series of caisson sumps to draw down the water table then treating the water and removing all the total suspended solids, metals, and H2S gases. Upon successfully dewatering the site Morgan was then able to remove any remaining garbage and contaminated soils in advance of constructing the new 24th street pond, walking path, park and LRT track right of way.

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Heavy Civil Construction

Crowsnest Pass Golf Club Access Road

Morgan was contracted to construct 2 kilometers of access road from Highway 3 to the new clubhouse, maintenance building, and driving range for the Crowsnest Pass Golf Club in Blairmore, AB. The project included excavation, blasting, gravel installation, paving, drainage features, and installation of utilities.  Highway 3 was widened and new traffic control features were installed to manage the increase in traffic to the facility. The project included several challenges, including careful monitoring of settlement and installation of geosynthetic layers to manage the risks of constructing road immediately above an existing mine shaft from an abandoned coal mine and adjacent to a sensitive wetland.

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Heavy Civil Construction

Garden Plain Siteworks – Ph. 2 – Windfarm Development

Morgan was successfully awarded the Garden Plain Windfarm scope of work consisting of the construction of the access road network allowing the construction of 26 wind turbines. Morgan was able to assist the owner with providing project design models confirming design parameters and visibility. Through thoughtful planning and thorough execution, Morgan was able to facilitate the construction while minimizing disruption to the land owners farming operations.

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Heavy Civil Construction

Highway 93 North Safety Improvements

Highway widening construction in several locations along Highway 93N to provide passing and climbing lanes.

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Heavy Civil Construction

East Calgary Landfill – Cell Construction Phase 9

Construction of clay-lined landfill expansion and new access road.

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Heavy Civil Construction

Site C Dam – North Bank Excavation

As Prime Contractor, Morgan facilitated the initial construction preparation work for the Site C Dam Project in Fort St John BC. The project included the excavation of 1.8 million m3 from the north bank and placed in a gully to facilitate the relocation of the creek. In preparation for the dam construction Morgan constructed 7.5 km of high-grade all-weather road, 2.4 km of this road was constructed within the Peace River along the toe of the adjacent escarpment. Roughly 750,000 m3 of alluvial gravel to facilitate the in-water road construction was excavated out of the center of the Peace River safely and without incident. In alignment with Morgan's core values of always finding a better way, Morgan provided value engineering by design building a pre-cast 2.4 m diameter box culvert with 36m of bury as opposed to installing multi-plate corrugated steel pipe. Morgan is very proud to have been part of this high-profile project and construction team.

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Heavy Civil Construction

Highway 63 Widening

As part of the Province of Alberta’s campaign to widen Highway 63, Morgan was awarded the 0 - 14 km contract. Morgan was the prime contractor on this scope responsible for managing all traffic control, site safety, and subcontractor management. The project included 3.3 million m3 of earth and roughly 250 staff members to complete.

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