Services offered

From initial site development, to mine site closure and reclamation

We have proven experience in developing the infrastructure necessary to construct and manage mine sites across North America. We maximize the value of our services by working collaboratively with clients to ensure that we focus on the critical details in making a project successful.

Contract mining

Morgan provides a turnkey contract mining service to meet all the needs of our resource extraction partners.

Tailings dams

Full-spectrum construction of tailings dams including dam cores, filter zones, buttressing, and liners.

Road construction and maintenance

Construction of mine haul roads, site roads and paved roads.

Soil stripping and reclamation

Experienced in stripping, separating and salvaging soils; as well as large scale reclamation of mine sites.

Heap leach pads

Complete heap leach pad solutions, including all earthworks, pipe work, and liners.

Pond construction

Construction of operation and environmental ponds, including: compensation ponds, sedimentation ponds, polishing ponds, and sumps.

Commitment to safety

Safety-first approach for project success

Safety is at the forefront of our values. To ensure site safety on complex and large scale mining projects, we do the essential work of proactively planning and creating a site-specific safety management plan with the necessary measures to get our team home safely every day.

Industry Leading Equipment

Cat 390 Excavator Super Ripper: ready to rip!

The Cat 390 Excavator Super-Rippers, capable of efficiently breaking up large sections of frozen earth or rock for easier loading, increased project efficiency in a variety of ways. But our capability doesn’t end there. This is just one example of how our team has leveraged industry-leading technology for our clients advantage.

An overexposed photo of a yellow construction machine in winter.

Why Morgan

Your mining project - done right

Morgan’s capabilities in the mining sector are backed by years of experience in oil and gas construction. Our highly qualified team and equipment capabilities enable us to handle large-scale projects across diverse mine site conditions.

  1. Engaged project execution

    Collaborating with mine owners on constructibility reviews and front-end planning to ensure projects are completed safely and efficiently.

  2. Innovative safety systems

    Ever-evolving safety systems that ensure mine hazards are thoroughly understood and effectively mitigated to keep our employees safe.

  3. Capable fleet

    Extensive fleet of haul trucks (with capacities of up to 200 tons) that are fully equipped to take on multi-million ton haul projects.

  4. Industry-leading equipment

    Industry leading Cat 390 Excavator super-rippers designed to rip large areas of frozen ground or rock to facilitate material for loading.

  5. Experienced teams

    Established project management teams that are proficient and experienced with planning and executing work in mining environments.

  6. Flexible team capacity

    Ability to transfer or recruit additional skilled Morgan workers to effectively manage increasing manpower demands for large mine projects.

Our Process

The Lean Lens

At Morgan, we manage our projects with a lean approach. We seek to provide value to the customer at every step of the process while minimizing waste. Through a constant cycle of planning, doing, checking and adjusting (PDCA), we enable transparent communication and ensure project quality.

  1. 1

    Opportunities to identify value

    We strive to identify value through careful examination of mining processes, seeking out areas where resources may be wasted or where processes could be optimized.

  2. 2

    Tools to identify the eight forms of waste

    Overproduction, waiting, defects, over-processing, excess inventory, unnecessary motion, unused talent, and transportation. By understanding these forms of waste, we can work to eliminate them and refine our approach.

  3. 3

    Process flow

    To optimize mining processes, we analyze the flow of materials and information through each stage, identifying areas of inefficiency and working to streamline every aspect.

  4. 4

    Establishing pull

    Work is only initiated when there is demand from the next stage in the process. By following this principle, we avoid schedule slippage and minimize the creation of waste.

  5. 5

    Continuous improvement

    We regularly evaluate our processes and look for ways to improve efficiency, quality, and safety. Through ongoing analysis and development, we work to ensure that our clients receive the best possible results from our mining construction services.


Our innovative mining portfolio

Our proven track record of success in the mining sector is what separates Morgan from the rest of the market. Take a look at some of our recent milestone projects.

Mine Development

Overburden Ditching and Ponds

Morgan was engaged to construct a 3.7 km long rock-lined filtration ditch intended to capture any dirty water and provide containment, mitigating environmental risk associated with surface runoff. In addition to the filtration ditches, the filtration network included two large ponds which assist with storage requirements and allow for dissipation.

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Oil & Gas Construction
Mine Development

TA9 Engineered Pond Bottom Cleanup

As our client progresses their mining operation, they intend to utilize a portion of the pit to store tailings which requires the installation of an engineered, competent base. A key component of this work is removing slop and unsuitable material from the existing ground that is left over from the previous mining operation.

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Mine Development

Faro Rose Creek Dyke Raise

The Rose Creek Dyke Raise project is a component of the Yukon Faro Mine Remediation Project that involved the reclamation of an abandoned lead and zinc mine located 15 km north of the Town of Faro, Yukon Territory. This project included upgrading dams to ensure tailings stay in place, re-sloping waste rock piles, installing engineered soil covers over the tailings and waste rock, upgrading stream diversions, upgrading the contaminated water collection and treatment system.

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Mine Development

Mackenzie Redcap Expansion - Soil Salvage and Culverts

Morgan salvaged 900,000 m3 of surface soil in advance of the construction of the Mackenzie Recap Expansion haul road. The project’s right of way crossed through multiple environmentally sensitive areas that required extensive dewatering efforts. Morgan developed location-specific dewatering plans to successfully move and treat the groundwater, reducing the risk of siltation prior to salvaging the surface soils.

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Oil & Gas Construction
Mine Development

North Mine Advance – Reclamation Material Salvage

As part of Mildred Lake operations reclamation scope Morgan has been trusted to remove and salvage all surface soils and subsoils in advance of mining operations for the 2021 and 2022 reclamation seasons. Reclamation salvage is critical to our client’s operations as the surface soils must be stockpiled and stored to be reused at the end of the mine life. Morgan has successfully and safely removed and salvaged over 7.5 million m3 of soil during these two seasons resulting in a long-standing partnership.

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Mine Development

Mildred Lake Extension - West Access Road

To facilitate the development of a new oilsands mine our client trusted Morgan with the construction of 10 km of access road. Included in this project was the construction of five major water crossings, two of which were large-diameter steel culverts and three concrete bridge structures on steel-driven piles. In addition to the 10 km of high-grade road, Morgan was also tasked with the construction of a permanent laydown area that will serve as the construction management team’s office location and material storage throughout the development of the new mine.

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