Operators and labourers are the backbone of Morgan. They play a critical role in the success of each project. You will work alongside a team of experienced professionals to ensure that our job sites are safe, efficient, and productive.

Your responsibilities may include operating heavy machinery like excavators and dozers, performing labour tasks, and following established procedures to ensure that work is completed to the highest quality standards.

Join the energy that 
powers progress

As part of the Morgan team, you will have the opportunity to learn and develop a broad skill set through ever changing projects and challenges, opening the door for potential growth within the company.

  • Lead yourself

    As an operator or labourer, you will take initiative and responsibility for your own work-ethic, job performance, as well as have the opportunity to learn and apply new skills.

  • Lead others

    You will be expected to communicate effectively, work collaboratively with your team members, and assist in training and mentoring new hires.

  • Lead the organization

    You'll play an important role in Morgan's mission by ensuring a safe work environment, adhering to procedures, and being a high-quality member of the team.

The Morgan Difference

From competitive compensation packages to opportunities for career advancement and personal growth, discover the many reasons why working at Morgan is more than just a job.

  • A strong and supportive team

    As a growth-focused company, we are continuously pushing to increase our workforce, market share, and equipment inventory. When you work for Morgan, you will be joining an exciting team that is one of the most trusted names in energy and construction.

  • Work life balance

    We understand the importance of balancing your work with the rest of your life. Most Morgan project rotations are 10 on 4 off, 14 on 7 off, or 21 on and 7 off - so you can work hard and play hard.

  • Career development and training

    Morgan has a learning culture. We are committed to helping our operators and labourers achieve their career goals. This is why we offer a wide range of training and development opportunities that are both specific to your role and general to Morgan’s overarching mission. When you grow, we grow.

  • Safety

    We prioritize the safety of our operators and labourers above all else, and will supply you with your education, training, and PPE. Feel confident coming to work knowing that we implement comprehensive safety programs that continue to evolve and grow everyday.

  • Continuous work

    We provide our employees with stability and security by offering continuous year-round work. We understand the importance of continuous employment, which is why we prioritize maintaining a reliable and consistent workload. 

  • Competitive compensation

    We value the hard work and dedication of each individual's skills, and believe in rewarding them accordingly. Our compensation is significantly higher than the national average.

Career Path

From labour positions to heavy-equipment operators, Morgan is dedicated to providing a clear path for career advancement and offers continuous learning and development opportunities to help you succeed.

Incentives and bonuses

We take care of our team members by providing various incentives and bonuses to create a work environment that rewards performance and supports employee retention.

Employee Incentives

Compensation Total

Paid Onboarding

We will pay you for 10 hours to successfully complete our onboarding.   



Eligible for overtime based on the applicable jurisdiction of the project.


Labour Market Adjustment (LMA)

Provides an additional $60/day for actively employed field workers.


Retention Bonus

An additional $12/day is paid to reward loyalty and incentivize you to stay with Morgan.


Employee Referral Bonus

We will reward you with a total of $1000 if Morgan successfully hires your referral.


Paid Rotational Travel

We will pay you to travel to the eligible worksites.

Varies by location

Holiday Pay

Hourly employees are paid an additional 9.6% of their wage in lieu of vacation and statutory holidays.

 9.6% of wage

Employee and Family Benefits

We provide a competitive health and dental benefit plan.


How to apply

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