Environmental Services

Environmental Solutions

Morgan has the expertise and tools for remediation and reclamation, including excavation, transportation, disposal, and onsite treatments, to restore land to its previous capability or natural state.

Remediation and bioremediation

Comprehensive solutions for the management of impacted soil and water through removal or on-site treatments.


Effectively implement restoration practices to return areas back to their pre-disturbed land use capability.

In-situ systems

Knowledgeable in the construction and installation of in-situ systems for the treatment of soil and water.

UST and AST decommissioning

PTMAA licensed and experienced in the excavation, removal, and backfill of underground and aboveground storage tanks.

Pipeline breaks 

Providing equipment and knowledge for the containment, excavation, and cleanup resulting from pipeline breaks.

Waste transport

We specialize in expertly planning and safely executing the offsite disposal of soil, debris, and other waste products.

Site restoration

We specialize in managing and executing all site phases, from decommissioning to remediation, and final reclamation.

Demolition & Abatement

Turnkey solution for demolition and abatement

Through strict safety and regulatory compliance, specialized equipment, engineered solutions, and years of experience, Morgan excels in complex demolition and abatement projects. Our services include hazardous material abatement, asset recovery, and recycling.

Demolition and abatement

Integrated solutions for the industrial and commercial infrastructure including plant sites/refineries, compressor stations, pulp and paper/saw mills, product tanks and vessels, aboveground/underground tanks, vessels and piping, bridges, wood, concrete, steel, commercial properties, multi-unit dwellings, selective interior and full-structure demolition.

Hazardous materials abatement

Certified to manage the handling, containment, and disposal of hazardous products (asbestos, lead, mould, PCBs, mercury, OSDs, toxic spills).

Waste reduction and recycling

Experienced in identifying creative solutions that allow for the recycling of materials and reduction in the amount of waste transported.

Asset recovery and salvaging

Advanced planning and execution is completed to identify any assets that can be repurposed or sold for the benefit of clients.
A yellow construction machine on a dirt hill beside a large concrete tower in front of a grey sky with a rainbow.

Industry Leading Technology

The right tools, the right skills

We own specialized demolition equipment, including breakers, shears, and magnets which enables us to use the right equipment for the job - ensuring safe and productive results.

Yellow construction machinery tearing apart a building underneath a blue sky in the winter.

Skilled & Competent Team

Leveraging OUR experience for YOUR Success

Our team is one of our greatest assets. Morgans commitment to continuous development means that our employees are equipped with the skills and tools they need to execute quality results. Not only that, but your project will be planned and managed by a team of professionals who have worked on some of the largest environmental and demolition projects in Western Canada.

Why morgan

Exceptional project delivery from start to finish

Morgan is committed to providing exceptional quality and service. Our team strives for excellence in all aspects of project execution, from planning and design to construction and delivery.

  1. Experienced team

    A team of professionals that has worked on several of the largest environmental and demolition projects in Western Canada.

  2. Industry-leading safety initiatives

    Demolition industry leading safety programs for the management and handling of hazardous waste and materials.

  3. Specialized equipment

    GPS grade control technology on our dozers, excavators, and graders, to efficiently and accurately place materials with pinpoint precision.

  4. Diverse and capable fleet

    A large array of heavy construction equipment with the capacity to complete anything from small technical projects to large quantity scopes.

  5. Trusted partnerships

    Strong partnerships with supporting contractors in the demolition sector that offers extended value and benefits to our clients.

  6. Industry-leading technology

    Use of Trimble Business Center and AutoCAD Civil 3D to develop machine models, calculate volumes, create designs and compile field data.

Our Process

The Lean Lens

At Morgan, we manage our projects with a lean approach. We seek to provide value to the customer at every step of the process while minimizing waste. Through a constant cycle of planning, doing, checking and adjusting (PDCA), we enable transparent communication and ensure project quality.

  1. 1

    Opportunities to identify value

    Through examination of environmental and demolition construction processes, such as project planning, waste management, and equipment utilization, we identify opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

  2. 2

    Eliminating the eight forms of waste

    Overproduction, waiting, defects, over-processing, excess inventory, unnecessary motion, unused talent, and transportation. By understanding these forms of waste, we can work to eliminate them and refine our approach.

  3. 3

    Streamlining process flow

    We analyze the flow of materials and information through each stage of an environmental or demolition focused project, from planning to completion, identifying areas of inefficiency and trimming each process.

  4. 4

    Establishing demand pull

    Work is only initiated when there is demand from the next stage in the process. By following this principle, we avoid overproduction and minimize the creation of waste.

  5. 5

    Continuous improvement

    Through ongoing analysis and development, we evaluate our processes and constantly look for ways to improve efficiency, quality, and safety in the environmental and demolition construction industries.


Leaders in environmental and demolition services

Our proven track record of success in environment and demolition is what separates Morgan from the rest of the market. Take a look at some of our recent milestone projects.

Environment & Demolition

Morinville Retail Fuel Outlet Decommissioning

The demolition, removal, and disposal of an existing retail fueling facility included the building, fuel canopy, three underground storage tanks, fueling dispensers, and all petroleum-related infrastructure. In addition to this work, the project includes excavation and removal of impacted soils.

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Environment & Demolition

Surmont SAGD Pilot Plant Demolition

Abatement and demolition of plant included in our service offering was the processing and brokering of the recycled steel. Morgan provided a transparent sales and recycling program to the client in order to sell equipment as assets and to scrap and process the equipment that had no residual retail value. The result was a near “net Zero” cost to the client for the demolition activities.

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Environment & Demolition

Firebag Camp Demolition

Morgan provided demolition activities on this site which included specialty equipment to crush and grind the demolition debris in order to maximize transport and take advantage of a reduced tipping fee at the disposal facility. Morgan also decommissioned all utilities both underground and above ground and worked directly with the property owner and their stringent health and safety standards.

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Environment & Demolition

Watson Island “A-Mill” Demolition

Demolition of remaining structures at the former pulp mill site including two digester towers that were 280 feet tall and required significant engineering and pre-planning to topple and demolish. Morgan also managed waste caustic removal and chemical neutralization of residual waste as a cost effective alternative to packaging and offsite disposal.

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Environment & Demolition

Seniors Lodge Facility Abatement and Demolition

Morgan Provided abatement and demolition of facility in the Peace River area. Abatement of the roofing materials was a challenge on this site. Morgan developed specific health and safety management planning for this task and developed an air monitoring program with the Occupational Hygienist to satisfy the Morgan safety standard and that of Alberta OH&S.

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Environment & Demolition

Public Works Yard Remediation

Excavation transport and disposal of contaminated soils within city works yard. The challenge on this project was to allow the city maintenance fleet to continue to work within their yard as 90% of the yard was excavated to 4.5 meters below grade. Constant movement of the active work zone, safely managing active excavation, while allowing 40 different city works yard maintenance vehicles to come and go throughout the work day to access the various city facilities and buildings. Continual excavation and backfill of the site kept the work zone as small as possible while constantly shifting the access points for the city staff, keeping vehicles and ground personnel safely out of the work zone.

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Environment & Demolition

Acheson Remedial Excavation

This project involved the remedial excavation and disposal of contaminated soil from a former tank farm/oil loading facility in a community area.

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Environment & Demolition

Riverfront Park Remediation

Site remediation of a former industrial area of downtown Fort MacMurray, AB as well as construction of a new recreational walking path connecting the downtown core to the MacDonald Island recreational area. 

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Environment & Demolition

Oak Bay Plaza Soil Remediation

Former retail gas station site that Morgan successfully remediated. The challenge on this site was to overmanage proximity agreements and underground utilities present in the adjacent property and boulevard. Morgan worked closely with utility owners and property owner, to ensure all existing facilities and utilities could be kept operational during the project.

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Environment & Demolition

Medicine Hat Retail Fuel Outlet Decommissioning

The demolition, removal, and disposal of an existing retail fuelling facility include the building, fuel canopy, three underground storage tanks, fuelling dispensers, and all petroleum-related infrastructure. In addition to this work, the project included excavation and removal of impacted soils.

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