Maintenance Administrator


Working hard behind the scenes, Carlene supports our maintenance team. Her attention to detail ensures accuracy while maintaining our equipment records.

200T Haul Truck Operator


Remote locations and extreme weather are no match for Casey - one of our expert haul truck operators. Casey is the definition of skill and confidence when it comes to the job.

General Foreman


Keeping workers safe is a daily priority for our supervisory team. Chris leads the safety discussion "out on the grade" with the crew to ensure hazards are identified and managed.

Grader Operator


Smooth is the key word when it comes to Clayton. The quality of his work on roads is the key to efficient project execution. When behind the controls of a 16M grader, Clayton puts the “Morgan touch” on every job site he is on.

Excavator Operator


An expert in the dirt world, you’ll find Cliff in the operators cab on an excavator. One of our most productive loaders of haul trucks, Cliff will always meet and accept the challenge - one load at a time.

Cliff, Logan, Jeff, Brandon

Our team takes pride in their work. Even while they enjoy their coffee break in the sun; Cliff, Logan, Jeff and Brandon are busy planning the next cut face for a project.

General Superintendent


Cody is a true leader when it comes to the safety of the Morgan team and managing large projects. His leadership and engagement during the daily hazard assessment meeting is valued by the crew and client.

Haul Truck Operator


Derek’s commitment to safety makes him a trusted haul truck operator on the Morgan team. The pride in his work and technical skills enable him to embrace any challenge.

Project Manager

Leobe “Leo”

“Leo” is one of our many great leaders, managing project and client expectations. Not only does he spend time in the office managing the project, but you will also find Leo “boots on the ground” overseeing project progression.

Fuel and Lube Technician


When it comes to the success of our projects, fuel and lube technicians are essential. Norman is the best of the best ensuring project efficiency by keeping our equipment greased, fueled and ready to perform.